Christmas Memories

I’ve been inspired by a Holly Harris piece in the Winnipeg Free Press where she interviews musicians about Christmas. One question she asked them was “What is a special Christmas memory you have?”

Singer Steve Bell said it was going to visit the inmates at the prison where his Dad was a chaplain on Christmas Day.

Naomi Woo assistant director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra got married at Christmas.

Cheryl Pauls, a pianist and President of Canadian Mennonite University, remembers a family trip from Ontario to Winnipeg on very icy roads.

Here are some of my memories.

Singing with my cousins at my grandparents’ farmhouse in the little village of Gnadenthal in southern Manitoba in 1958. We performed for our grandparents every year and after we’d done that we got our presents.

Eating pretzels and drinking beer in Bamburg Germany on Christmas Day in 2010.

One of my childhood memories is always getting a brand new dress for Christmas. Here I am in 1963 with my siblings in our new Christmas outfits.

Exploring the Wai Ta Poi thermal fields in New Zealand the Christmas of 2008.

Our youngest son was born just before Christmas in 1985. We had waited for him for a long time.

The pure delight my mother took in being with her family at Christmas. Look at how happy she is in this photo even though she’s probably been working non-stop for weeks to prepare all the food, buy all the gifts and decorate her home.

Visiting the Sydney Opera House in Australia the Christmas of 2009

Selling out all the copies of my book Lost on the Prairie in the Mennonite Heritage Museum gift shop at their Christmas market in 2021.

My Mom with my grandson, her first great grandchild, on the last Christmas before she passed away.

Frosty Christmas walk last year when the pandemic prevented us from getting together with our family.

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  1. Ellen Kruger

    Delightful! Merry Christmas, Mary Lou, to you & your family. I miss seeing you, but have not been volunteering since the pandemic.


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