Single Young Women Are the Problem

“These women need to get married,” said Fox television commentator Jesse Waters as findings from the exit polls in the recent American election were being discussed. Waters was referring to the fact that single women in the United States voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates. Another finding from the exit polls was that young people voted overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates.

Waters proposal for getting those single young women to vote Republican was to get them married to men. Marriage to a man would bring these radical women to their senses.

Political commentator Mollie Hemingway went even further. She blamed the lack of support for the Republicans among single young women on the Democrats. She claimed the Democrats support of abortion rights and LGBTQ rights had encouraged women not to marry men and have children with them.

Chart from the Washington Examiner

Writing about the voting patterns of American young women in the Washington Examiner another conservative political commentator said women’s independence and equality is to blame for the decline in the marriage rate and this is a bad thing for the country and its future. Is he suggesting we need to curtail women’s equality and independence?

Can you believe that in the year 2022 there are still people who think this way? It boggles the mind and is frankly pretty scary.

To me it makes perfect sense why the vote was skewed along gender and age lines. If you are a single female parent struggling to get by you won’t vote for a party that wants to cut social services, take away your affordable medical plan and force you to have another child you can’t support financially.

If you are a young single woman who has just graduated from university or college of course you will vote for the party that wants to help you with your student loans, so you can start your career without crippling debt.

Although I couldn’t find particular statistics for single young women in Canada we have a definite gender divide when it comes to voting. The Liberal Party gets twice as many votes from women as the Conservatives do. Now why would that be?

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3 responses to “Single Young Women Are the Problem

  1. Fox News is the worst.

    Suspect the gender differences in Canada are for similar reasons. Social services and social justice issues important to women are higher priorities for Liberal and NDP parties. The parties do lots of poling so they likely know the answer to this question.

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  2. This Fox opinion piece would be laughable if not so pathetic! I am a woman dual citizen who votes on both sides of the Canada/USA border, albeit not a young one, and twice widowed. Never once would I have voted on the conservative side. Marrying me off would not have changed that ever.

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