She Believed She Could

Yesterday I was packing my lunch into this bag before I headed off for a day of volunteer work and I stopped as I often do to look at the inspiring message on it. I quickly snapped a photo.

Meeting with Helen’s book club.

The bag was a gift from my friend Helen who invited me to come and speak to her book club about my novel Lost on the Prairie. Helen had gone all out setting a beautiful table, preparing delicious things to eat and filling that bag with all kinds of lovely gifts for me.

The gift bag from Helen was filled with treats

I LOVED the message on the bag because it so perfectly described the path I walked to get a children’s book published. It took almost ten years from the time I first started taking courses in children’s writing and going to workshops and meeting with writer critique groups and entering contests. I submitted all kinds of things that were rejected before one of my manuscripts was finally accepted for publication.

Every night for almost a decade I would say to myself before I went to sleep. “I am going to get a book published.” And I did!

Now I am trying to apply that same kind of positive thinking to several other projects I have on the go.

Visiting my friend Helen in Arizona a number of years ago

Helen perfectly captured my children’s writing experience with her choice of a gift. Thanks, Helen!

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