I Didn’t Win But……….

Yesterday when the winner of the Eileen McTavish Sykes Award for Best First Book at the Manitoba Book Awards was announced I found out I hadn’t won but……….

It was a dream come true to be nominated.

I want to express my gratitude to McNally Robinson Booksellers for the way they promoted my book both before and after it was nominated.

I want to express my appreciation to the jurors Gary Draper, Savannah Kosteniuk and Brock Peters for reading Lost on the Prairie and nominating it.

I want to say congratulations to Jillian Horton and Rowan McCandless who were the co-winners of the Best First Book Prize.

I want to thank all my readers and friends and family for celebrating my nomination with me.

A card my talented friend Debbie Jackson made to celebrate my Manitoba Book Award and Manitoba Young Readers Choice Award nominations.

When the results of the Manitoba Book Awards were announced yesterday I found out I hadn’t won.

But……… later in the day, I got a note from a woman I went to college with who had given my book to her granddaughter. She wrote…….

My 10-year-old granddaughter, Sophia, who is an avid reader, told me Lost on the Prairie is the best book she’s read. I’d call that a pretty solid endorsement.

I may not have won the book award yesterday but Sophia and all the other people who have read my book have made me feel like a real winner.

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