A Meal in a Box

Our meals come in a box that is delivered to our door

During the pandemic, my husband Dave decided our menus were getting too mundane. We tended to make the same things all the time. Before the pandemic, we ate out in restaurants a fair bit but now we were eating every meal at home and Dave thought we needed to spice things up…… so he signed us on to receive meals from Hello Fresh.

There are a vast variety of meals available

I have to say it has added lots of variety to our menus and it is kind of nice to have some days when we don’t have to think about what we are going to have for dinner. We get three meals every other week. All the ingredients you need to prepare the meal come in a paper bag and there is a colourful card with instructions about how to prepare the dish in under 30 minutes.

You get a recipe card for each meal with detailed illustrated instructions.

I do worry about all the packaging we throw out with each order- although the box itself is recyclable. But the price is more reasonable than ordering a meal in a restaurant and there is very little food waste because you get exact portions of ingredients. The instructions are easy to follow.

We never quite get the meal to look as lovely as it does on the recipe card. You can see the comparison in the photos above for the dish I made last night. But it was tasty.

Dave and I take turns preparing the Hello Fresh dishes and I have to admit they have made meal planning and preparation easier. Now that we are both back to our regular work and volunteer and leisure activities in the community it’s nice to have Hello Fresh on hand after we get home from a busy day.

Have any of my blog readers tried a similar service? What do you think?

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2 responses to “A Meal in a Box

  1. Ruth Goudreau

    One of my granddaughters and her partner as well as an older niece who’s single get Hello Fresh all the time. They love it!

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  2. Dorothy Braun

    Yes we subscribe to Hello Fresh. I love not having to think up new menu ideas, and here we can try lots of different foods. The portions are perfect. I don’t like all the package waste. Enjoy!

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