10 Historic Winnipeg Buildings

Built in 1899 to house the Manitoba School of Pharmacy, this building at 422 Notre Dame Avenue was purchased in 1945 by the Syzek family as a facility to manufacture and sell brooms and brushes. I photographed it in 2016.
This unique looking fire hall with its two towers one for drying hoses and the other a bell tower was built in 1907 and is at 202 Rue Dumoulin. I photographed it in 2021.
The Royal Albert Hotel at 48 Albert Street was built in 1913. I photographed it in 2013.
The Trappist Monastery at 100 Ruines du Monastere was built in 1904 for a monastic community called Our Lady of the Prairies. I photographed it in 2015.
The Crocus Building used to belong to the Ashdown Hardware Company as you can see from the white letters still etched on the brick near the rooftop.  Mr James Ashdown, a former Winnipeg mayor built it in 1905 to use as a hardware store. I photographed it in 2012.
This former Canadian Pacific Railway station was completed in 1906. It is located at 181 Higgins Avenue. I photographed it in 2021.
The stunning facade of the St. Boniface Catheral dates to 1906 but the rest of the building was replaced after being destroyed in a fire in 1968. The church is at 190 avenue de la Cathédrale. I photographed it in 2012.
Laura Secord School named after a hero of the war of 1812 is where I attended kindergarten. It was built in 1913. I photographed it in 2020.
The Palace Theatre built in 1912 for live vaudeville performances is at 501 Selkirk Avenue. I photographed it in 2020.
Completed in 1912 the Millennium Centre at 389 Main Street is said to be haunted. I photographed it in 2012.

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  1. Deane Ramsay-Goldsmith

    Wonderful pictures! Thank you so much.

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