Romance on the Golf Course

I was a little sad to hear the recent news that the John Blumberg Golf Course will be closing because it holds a romantic memory for me.

On our wedding day

When we got married in August of 1973 my husband had a summer job on the greens crew at the John Blumberg Golf Course. In those days a good job with the City of Winnipeg could earn a young student like my husband enough money for his whole university tuition for the coming year.

Off on our one-night honeymoon after our wedding

We got married on a Friday and spent our honeymoon night at the NorthStar Inn on Portage Avenue. Champagne and caviar were complimentary with the honeymoon package and I tasted them for the first time that night. Dave and I were both enrolled at the University of Manitoba for the fall and needed to save our money for tuition and living expenses so a one-night honeymoon was all we could afford.

On Saturday afternoon we settled into the tiny suite we had rented for the coming school year on the second floor of a house on Rosedale Avenue just a block off of Osborne. Sunday morning my husband was scheduled to go in at 5 am. to cut the greens at John Blumberg before the golfers arrived. I didn’t want to be separated from him so soon after our wedding so I went along and rode on the greens cutter with him.

We were all alone on the course and it was a beautiful, balmy morning. We watched the sunrise paint the sky as we rode from green to green. It was quite romantic.

Photo of John Blumberg Golf Course from the Travel Manitoba website

One less romantic aspect of my husband’s job at John Blumberg was that the week after our wedding he somehow caught his gold wedding band on one of the machines at the golf course and nearly lost his finger. That night when he got home he took the wedding ring out of his pocket and put it in my jewellery case where it has remained ever since.

Despite the lack of a gold band on his finger, my husband Dave has been a faithful partner to me for nearly fifty years.

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2 responses to “Romance on the Golf Course

  1. Joanne Wiens

    I also worked at John Blumberg through my University years-summers in the pro shop, winters in the ski shop. From 1974-1977. I have some great memories from those years.
    I have a great John Blumberg story too-I will share it with you some day.

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  2. marilyn redekop

    What a wonderful memory & story!!

    Liked by 1 person

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