Writing Christmas Memories

This is the eighth year I am writing Christmas memories for my children and grandchildren. Each Christmas I compose a little story for each of them about a Christmas in the past.

Christmas memory I wrote for our younger son one year

For our sons, I can go all the way back to their childhoods to find memories to write about. For our daughters-in-law, I return to the time since we first met them, in the case of our older son’s wife that is over two decades ago.

For the grandchildren, I write a memory of something that happened the previous Christmas when we were together. Of course last Christmas our family time together was virtual because of the pandemic, and this Christmas we’ve postponed our festive celebrations till February.

My previous method of keeping and displaying Christmas memories

Up till now, I’ve been framing the little stories I write and displaying them at Christmas, but with the family growing and my tendency to want to include more photos and text than a small frame allows, I’m redoing all the old stories in a format suitable for a book for each family member that will be added to each year.

New book format for the Christmas memories

I am hoping when I’m no longer able to write these stories they will serve as a reminder of Christmas past for the successive generations of our family, and also as a reminder of the love and good times we shared with each other.

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