Ten Christmas Presents

Our sons received pet turtles from their grandparents one year for Christmas
The first year we were dating in 1972
I made Dave a scarf for Christmas and he made me a bead necklace. We still have them.
My sister and I share a set of building blocks we received as a Christmas gift around 1957
I inherited this silver ink well from my maternal grandmother Annie Jantz Schmidt. Grandma has written on the bottom that she received it as a Christmas gift from her brother Henry in 1911.
In this photo, my Grandma Annie stands to the immediate left of her mother and her brother Henry stands between his parents.
Me and my sister in 1956 with the dolls we got for Christmas
In 2011 our children were watching the television series Friday Night Lights so we gave them shirts with a popular line from the show printed on them
Dinosaur costumes my cousin Lynne made for us and our grandson one year for Christmas
Opening a set of toy cookware in 1958 at my grandparents.
Our daughter-in-law with the gifts from her stocking in 2004 when she visited us in Hong Kong
Our younger son was born just before Christmas in 1985. He was the best Christmas present ever!

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