What A Library!

I had heard the Calgary Library was something really special and so I wanted to pay a visit. The outside design of the building is certainly unique.

and the architecture inside is no less spectacular.

There are four floors full of light and space. Nothing felt crowded, except perhaps the playground in the children’s section which was filled with kids having a wonderful time. For privacy considerations, I didn’t take photos but it was clear the area is very popular.

I loved these colorful theme-specific book carts in the children’s area.

There are so many beautiful and unique kinds of areas to sit and read you’d have to visit the library dozens of times to try them all out.

And the views of the Calgary skyline through the library windows are fantastic.

There are art pieces throughout the library almost all of them from the Indigenous community. This piece, a bison made from alphabet letters was called Education is the New Buffalo.

There are special sections in the library for every age with unique features designed especially for that group in mind.

The Calgary Library is a special place, no doubt about it and……… something that made it extra special for me………. was discovering they have three copies of my book Lost on the Prairie in their catalog. How great is that?

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