Exciting Things Happening With My Novel

It was such a privilege to be able to visit with Heritage House editorial director Lara Kordic while I was in Victoria. I had communicated with Lara so often but had never talked with her in person. Lara offered me the publishing contract for my novel Lost on the Prairie. I was so pleased Lara took the time from her busy schedule to share a drink and a late lunch with me.

She answered all my curious questions about how the decision was made to publish my book and filled me in on possible future sales plans for the novel. I found out a little about her family background and we discussed some other manuscripts I have been working on. I was glad I was able to personally thank Lara for publishing my book and tell her how much I appreciated the help of her staff- editor Nandini Thaker, marketing and publicity coordinator Monica Miller, and designer Jacqui Thomas. How fortunate I’ve been to have my first novel published with the help of such a great team.

A big thank you to Kari Tanaka the assistant manager of the University of Lethbridge Bookstore for this lovely tweet about Lost on the Prairie.

My friend Patty sent me this sketch her grandson did while she was reading him my book. It brings to life in such detail the chapter in the novel where my hero Peter almost drowns. Thanks so much for your picture, Ben. I LOVE it!

Did you know I’m a local BC author? I noticed recently my book Lost on the Prairie was part of a promotion called Fascinating Fiction From BC.

I loved the introduction to the piece…..

There is nothing quite like the feeling of being so completely absorbed in a story that all sense of time is lost. Whether it keeps you up past midnight or demands to be read on the bus, here are some truly gripping fiction books from BC’s masters of storytelling.

They had included a nice description of my book and a link to BC bookshops where it was available. The tweet they did about Lost on the Prairie said it was full of cliffhangers.

My publisher Heritage House is located in Victoria British Columbia so my book really is a BC book. But it just so happened that on October 19th, when the article was published about my book I was holidaying in British Columbia. So right at that moment, I suppose I was a BC author or at the very least ………. an author in BC.

I am very thankful for the publicity for my novel.

A former teaching colleague sent this photo of her granddaughter’s happy face when she opened a gift from her Grandma, a copy of my novel. Thanks so much for the photo Lorraine and for buying my book.

Caroline Starr Rose

I was just thrilled to be the featured author on the blog of historical children’s writer Caroline Starr Rose. She interviewed me about my writing and research process. It was a great opportunity for me to think more about how I wrote my book and all the background material I needed to collect over the years I worked on it. Thanks so much, Caroline.

A big thank you to Aria Klassen a student at the St. Anne Collegiate whose review of my book appeared in The Heritage Posting a publication of the Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society.

Lost on the Prairie was mentioned in the spring and summer issue of Prairie Books Now.

I am learning when you publish a book that’s only the beginning. Five months later there are still lots of exciting things happening with the novel and I am sure more are to come.

You can learn all about recent events involving Lost on the Prairie, reviews and news on my website maryloudriedger.com

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