Beauty on The Beach

One day in Tofino we went walking down Long Beach for several hours.

The surf was loud and pounding during our whole walk and the day was chilly and overcast much of the time. But there were so many wondrous and interesting things to see along the beach.

The waves and wind had created beautiful pictures in the sand.

I loved the various shades of pinks and purples in this shell.

This piece of wood brought to mind the profile of a fox.

Dave captured the beauty of this tiny bird perched on a log on the beach.

I shivered just thinking about these surfers going into the water on such a cold day but I admired their sense of adventure.

Look at the artistic way the wind and waves had created a sculpture out of this piece of wood.

The many coils of kelp we encountered often looked like abstract paintings.

Past beach walkers had used their ingenuity to create all kinds of unique shelters with driftwood.

This seaweed reminded me of a flower.

Look how this jellyfish blends in beautifully with its surroundings.

It was lovely to see green things sprouting on dead wood.

Dave silhouetted against the sky and sea and sand. I loved the way the clouds were reflected in the water pooling on the beach just behind him.

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