Dinner on A Board-The Ultimate Food Experience

We were lucky in Canmore to be staying at the home of our niece Olivia and her fiancé Miche who are both professional chefs. On our last night there Miche made us a five-star dinner. He had marinated a marvelous cote du boeuf or tomahawk ribeye steak and all the vegetables for hours ahead of time. Then he grilled everything perfectly on the barbeque. I took photos as he and my niece artfully arranged everything on a huge wooden board.

Miche starts by finding the perfect places for the baked potatoes, pickled onions, grilled cucumbers, sausages, and green and red peppers on the board.

Next, the signature bone from the steak is placed at the center of the board.

Olivia adds the Brussel sprouts prepared with bits of crunchy bacon.

Miche carefully carves the steak into pieces. I mean it when I say that meat literally melted in your mouth.

Now the steak is carefully arranged on the board along with grilled onion rounds, spicy marinated cherry tomatoes, and braised lemons.

For a final touch, arugula is added as a colorful accent.

There is guacamole made from scratch, a special cream sauce, and more lemons to squeeze over our plates.

Doesn’t that look too beautiful to eat?

Miche was the consummate host making sure all the guests had been served.

Here is my plate. It was a wondrous meal. I tried to eat as slowly as I could to savor every bite.

There wasn’t much left on that board at the end of the meal a testament to the wonderful, masterfully prepared food it had contained.

Thanks, Miche and Olivia for being such wonderful hosts and treating us to a meal of a lifetime.

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  1. I love charcuterie boards but have never attempted to make one myself. This is something I really need to try! That food looked delicious.

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