Golf Game in the Mountains

When we were in Canmore our niece and her fiancé arranged for us to golf a round at the Canmore Golf and Curling Club. It was a great experience.

The problem with golfing at a course with such gorgeous scenery though is that it is hard to concentrate on your game with all that beauty around you. I wanted to take a photo on almost every hole.

Dave came very close to making an eagle on one of the holes.

I had a pretty decent game with plenty of shots that felt really good.

A train track runs along one of the fairways and it was kind of neat to make our way down to the green with a train rushing by beside us.

My niece Olivia taught me a new way to keep score. For each hole she records a happy face, neutral face or sad face depending how she felt about her performance on that hole. I normally don’t keep score when I golf but I like Olvia’s system and I’m going to try it.

We loved our round of golf in Canmore on an almost perfect October afternoon and evening.

After our round, we took Olivia and her fiancé  Miche out to a local tapas restaurant for supper. We shared a creamy penne pasta, a duck confit pizza, mussels, a Caprese salad, and lemon pie. It was fabulous and a good way for us to thank Olivia and Miche for their warm hospitality in Canmore.

The next day our niece took us to the Stewart Creek Golf Course where she is a chef.

Hole 1 at Stewart Creek

The course was stunning! Unfortunately, it just happened to be closed for maintenance during our entire visit so we couldn’t go golfing there.

Hole 9 Stewart Creek

We will just have to make a return visit to golf the Stewart Creek Course.

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