What’s That Big Head Doing in Downtown Canmore?

Yes, that is my husband Dave trying to stick his finger up the nose of a big statue of a head in downtown Canmore.

I had noticed the statue on a walk through Canmore the day before and was so curious about it. I asked Dave and my niece Olivia to return to take more photos. They were happy to oblige.

The head appears to be deep in thought and is partially buried in the ground. The sculpture was made in 2008 by Alberta artist, Alan Henderson.

He was commissioned by the town of Canmore for the project. Canmore is named after a place called Ceannmore in Scotland. In Gaelic Ceannmore means ‘big head.’

The sculpture weighs nine tons and was carved from blue granite with the assistance of Chinese craftspeople. The artist used the head of a friend as a model.

It looks like some graffiti artists once added additional images to the sculpture which were cleaned off.

Apparently in winter, the locals dress it up in a huge toque, in summer in giant sunglasses, and kids from the local high school have been known to put a mortarboard on its head on graduation night. The head has become a kind of signature art piece for the city.

My hometown of Steinbach has a giant car.

The town of Altona, Manitoba has a giant Van Gogh painting of sunflowers.

Canmore, British Columbia has a giant head.

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