I Love Autumn

Wednesday was the first day of fall and I missed it. I love autumn. Here are a few photos from my albums along with some of my thoughts about fall.

My grandparents’ tombstone on a fall day- photographed in Winkler

Fall shows us how beautiful it can be to cherish memories of things past.

Leaf photographed in Vik, Iceland

Falling leaves give us a lesson in how to leave life gracefully but colorfully.

Photographed in Newfoundland

Autumn is like life- a colorful mosaic.

Photographed in my Exchange District neighborhood

Autumn leaves remind us that we can be beautiful at all ages and stages of life.

My Dad in his barn with his pumpkin harvest

Autumn is a time to reap nature’s rewards and enjoy them.

Photographed on Rorie Street in Winnipeg

Fall is a window through which we can look back on the summer season just past.

Photographed at a fall festival with my grandson in Saskatoon

Fall adds color to our lives.

Grasses along the Red River- photographed at the end of my street

Fall makes me think of the Bible verse-Our days on earth are like grass. Psalm 103:15

Photographed at the Penner Pumpkin Patch near Steinbach

Fill your fall with fun.

Photographed in Stephen Juba Park in Winnipeg

Fall is an invitation to slow down, sit and reflect.

October Evening by AY Jackson- photographed at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Autumn is nature’s work of art.

Photographed in Quebec City

Don’t gallop through autumn, walk along enjoying the view.

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  1. ELLEN Kruger

    Lovely autumn reflections. Thank you, MaryLou💐

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