Saying A Temporary Good-bye To My Trees

I went to visit my trees on the weekend. I will leave on an extended trip soon and so I won’t be seeing the four trees I’ve befriended again till the end of October.

I am going to miss my trees.

My dear aspen has lost two friends.

On the left, you can see there were two aspen trees that looked like they had died, standing beside my special aspen which is the one closest to my husband Dave. Now both of those dead trees are gone as you can see in the photo on the right.

The only evidence left that the trees were once there are their freshly cut stumps.

There are lots of older stumps around my aspen which tells me this aspen grove has been pruned before.

Speaking of stumps I found this one underneath my lilac bushes. There must have been a tree there at one time that was cut down and the lilacs planted all around where the tree had been.

The lilacs have definitely been pruned. I can see where all their branches have been cut off.

Something nice is that the flowers in the urns in my lilac bushes have been restored to their former beauty by the rain we’ve had.

I decided to photograph my cottonwood from four different vantage points. I was out at dusk and just after I took the first two photos all the street lights went on.

Underneath my cottonwood
Front of my cottonwood
My cottonwood from the left
My cottonwood from the right

My poor little crabapple has lost almost all its leaves. Just a few are still fluttering on the branches behind me.

I am so curious about how my trees will look a month from now when I return. I am going to miss my trees.

You can read all the posts about my trees here.

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