I am grateful that I live in a country that makes it so easy and safe to vote. I was able to vote last Sunday afternoon more than a week before the actual election at a polling station just blocks from my home. I only needed to show my driver’s license to vote. I didn’t have to wait in line but could vote as soon as my eligibility status was verified. I was treated with courtesy and respect by election workers and thanked for taking the time to vote. I am grateful the election gives me an opportunity to vote for the people I think can best deal with our current health crisis in Canada.

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I am grateful to the scientists and researchers who have dedicated their entire careers to studying infectious diseases, discovering the way they spread, and how we can best meet the challenges they present. How lucky we are to have such a wealth of experience and expertise available to us right now.

I am grateful to Canada for making vaccines free and readily available to everyone in our country, and I am especially grateful to those health care workers who are going the extra mile to bring vaccines to groups of people who face challenges in getting vaccinated.

I am grateful for all the businesses and institutions that are following the social distancing, mask, and vaccine regulations so that I can feel safe eating in restaurants, going to church, shopping in stores, and visiting my Dad’s personal care home.

I am grateful to all the people in my province who have chosen to be vaccinated. When I look at vaccination rates in some neighboring provinces and among our neighbors to the south, I realize just how blessed I am to be in a place where so many have shown they really care about children and others who are more vulnerable than they are.

I am grateful that I could make an appointment for a complete physical check-up this week. I am endlessly grateful to the health care providers who despite being flooded with COVID patients work tirelessly to maintain the health of as many citizens as they possibly can. I am grateful health professionals haven’t given up even though some patients aren’t taking their advice and in some cases are even trying to make it hard for them to go to work.

My physician daughter-in-law volunteering her time to give vaccinations

I am grateful for my family. My grandchildren give me hope for the future. I am so proud of all my children who have been resilient, positive, and have acted as advocates for others during the pandemic, even though due to the nature of their careers their lives have been changed in major ways since the advent of COVID-19.

I have lots to be grateful for and I want to focus on that.

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