My Novel As A Murder Weapon

One of the readers of my novel sent me this photo recently.

The photo was accompanied by this message.

Discovered that your book is highly effective at killing Pine Bark Beetles who are the most unwelcome guests in my cabin…I just grabbed the closest thing to me and squashed the little devil!!

This photo of a forest in California shows the kind of damage the pine bark beetle can do.

Apparently, thanks to climate change bark beetles are moving across the country after having a devastating impact on pines in British Columbia. They are now advancing through Canada’s boreal forests and scientists are trying to figure out how to lessen their effect on forest ecology.

Although I hadn’t envisioned my book as a tool for killing insects I do know that the folks who sent the photo hadn’t just used my book as a murder weapon. They had also read my book and enjoyed it because they had told me so in an earlier phone call.

They say you never know what will happen with your book after it is published. How true!

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  1. One is a boring creature the other is most certainly NOT! 🙂

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