T-4 Reunion

Lunch at the Prairie’s Edge

Many of my readers ask me about the T-4s, the group of four friends I belong to that gets together regularly for visiting, fun and support. The pandemic put a stop to our monthly meetings but in July we were able to see each other again after not being together in person since last September when the weather still allowed for outdoor visits that were safe.

September 2020 when we were last able to meet

At that time we celebrated my fall birthday and that of my friend Esther.

Now when we met we celebrated the spring birthdays of our other two members Glenys and Debbie on the outdoor patio at Prairie’s Edge in Kildonan Park.

It was so great to be together again. We had been told there was a two-hour limit on our table reservation but the understanding staff let us more than double that allotted time. I think they are witnesses to many friend reunions these days, people enjoying each others’ company after months of isolation and separation.

In recognition of our opportunity to be together again after such a long time, I had made little personalized memory photo albums for each of us with dozens of pictures of our past adventures.

I received a beautiful necklace as a gift in recognition of my first novel being published.

We already have an August get-together on our calendars.

Of course, during our time of physical separation, we have kept in touch via e-mail and texts, but that’s just not the same.

It was great for the T-4s to be together in person again.

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