Rooftop Release

Getting ready to move to the music. Watch the video here.

Last night at 5:45 Dave and I were doing our best to look cool and find our groove on the rooftop of our condo building. What were we up to? Well, yesterday our favorite Winnipeg band Royal Canoe released their newest album Sidelining. Since our son is a member of the band we have attended the debut of other Royal Canoe albums and we always have a great time watching them perform their newest music.

Our family posing outside the Burton Cummings Theatre before the release of Royal Canoe’s album Something Got Caught Between Here and the Orbit in 2016

Of course, the pandemic meant there would be no big release event. So the band came up with a neat alternative. They asked their fans to blast Surrender, a single from their new album from their porch or balcony or front step at exactly 5:45 yesterday. We did exactly that. We had a few technical difficulties but managed to record two videos of us moving to the beat of Surrender.

Watch my solo Surrender moves here.

There is lots of great music on this latest Royal Canoe album. I have already listened to it a couple of times. Royal Canoe is always trying new things and I think that’s one of the reasons they have so many fans. In fact, Royal Canoe enthusiasts from four continents signed up for last night’s event.

You can read an interview our son did with reporter Jordan Ross about the new album here.

You can also read all about their new album in this article in The Winnipeg Free Press.

The band is hoping things will open up soon so they can start performing their music in person for their fans but for now, you can download their album from one of the major music providers or watch the videos for the album which were released prior to its debut.

Sidelining Trailer


Scratching Static

Photo from the Royal Canoe Twitter account

The pandemic has been challenging for musicians and we are so proud of the way our son and the other members of Royal Canoe have stayed creative and productive through some pretty tough times.

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