The Lilacs Are Blooming

I had been a little worried about my lilac trees because while others were blooming mine were not. But Dave noticed a couple of days ago when he biked by them they were starting to flower and so on Sunday morning, we went back to take some photos so I could write another post about the four trees in my neighbourhood I am befriending for a year.

The lilacs aren’t only starting to look lovely they are smelling fantastic. I could have stood beside them for a long time taking in their heady scent. I did a little research and found out that the smell of lilacs is dependent on the heat which vaporizes their aromatic particles. If it is cold and damp you won’t smell lilacs. Since the weather has been very hot in Winnipeg for the last few days the lilacs are unusually fragrant. It seems people are pretty divided on whether they find the smell of lilacs beautiful or way too overwhelming and cloying.

I had wondered if my lilac tree was a special variety but when I put the blossoms into the Picture This app it just identified the tree as The Common Lilac. It was interesting to look at the flowers up close and realize that each bloom is made up of all these little four-leafed flowerets that kind of look like stars.

My aspen is really leafing out now and looking lovely.

I decided to look at the aspen leaves a little more closely. They have a pointy tip and then they round out towards their base and they have sharp pointed teeth all around their outer rim. They feel smooth and right now are a glossy bright green. Their stem is flat and thin which is why the leaves really flutter in the wind as I noticed when I made a video of them on my last visit. That fluttering is why the aspen is sometimes also called the trembling aspen.

My cottonwood had filled out even more since my last visit.

I know my cottonwood is a pretty old tree because its bark is so thick and deeply furrowed. The bark on a young cottonwood is smooth. Did you know cottonwoods can grow up to a meter a year?

My crabapple tree has lost all of it’s blossoms now

but I was delighted to see some lilacs blooming at its base.

Thanks for following along as I make friends with four trees in my neighbourhood. I’ll make another visit in about ten days or so. You can read all my posts about my four tree friends here.

As always thanks to my husband and tree photographer Dave.

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