Visiting My Tree Friends

Yesterday was my Grandma’s birthday. She always said one of the things she loved about her May 17th birth date was that all the trees were sure to be green and leafy by then. She was right!

It has been nearly two weeks since I last visited my four special tree friends. And oh my goodness how they have changed. Check out my first buddy the American Elm. This is what it looked like on May 4 and what it looks like now.

Two weeks ago there were just tiny buds on the elm and now it has beautiful leaves.

The other thing I am really excited about is that all around the base of the elm are these flowers just waiting to open. I am going to go back in a few days to see what they look like.

My second tree friend

Two weeks ago I wasn’t sure what kind of tree this was with its skinny trunk and reddish bark. But now that the leaves and flowers are bigger I was able to put a photo of it into this cool app called Picture This which has a data base of 17,000 trees and plants. The app scanned my photo and identified the tree as a prairie crabapple.

My official photographer getting snaps of the lilacs

The changes in my lilac bush friends aren’t easy to see.

You have to go up pretty close to discover that there are all kinds of buds on the branches getting ready to bloom and there seem to be kind of spidery webs on them in places.

I have left my dear aspen for last because now that the leaves are starting to sprout it is clear the little aspen grove where my tree lives is in some trouble.

There is one healthy aspen to the far left, two pretty much leafless bare aspen in the middle and then mine which has some leafy branches but lots of bare ones too.I did a little reading and found out aspens are prone to leaf blight which can cause defoliation. Not sure if that is what is happening.

Dave thought I should pick another tree but I don’t think that would fair. I figured I should stay the course with the trees I originally chose and be faithful to them.

I got a little side tracked last week with my book coming out for sale unexpectedly but I promise I won’t wait as long before my next official tree visit.

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