Four Generations by Pitaloosie Sali- Photo taken at the Winnipeg Art Gallery during an exhibition of Pitaloosie Sali’s work in 2017-2018. Do you see the baby tucked in the last woman’s hood as she stands with her mother and grandmother? The grandmother is looking back while the other women look forward.
Photograph taken in 1954 – me and my motherI was lucky to be loved lavishly by my mother Dorothy Marie Schmidt Peters. She always had faith in me which is the reason I’ve dedicated my novel to her.
The Scream by Kent Monkman- The mother in the centre of the painting is trying to prevent a priest from her taking her child off to residential school – Photo taken at the Winnipeg Art Gallery during the Shame and Prejudice exhibit 2020- Be sure to click on this painting to see the larger version. So many heart breaking details.
My Mom dancing with her grandson- Photo taken at our son Joel and daughter-in-law Karen’s wedding in 2006My mother played such an important role in my sons’ childhoods. I love how happy the two of them look and how Joel’s tie matches Mom’s dress.
Mother and Child- Bamama People- Mali- 15th Century- Photo taken at The Met gallery in New York CityWhen I visited the Met in New York I decided to focus on artwork featuring mothers.
My husband Dave photographed with his Mom at his highschool graduation-1970My mother-in-law Anne worked outside on their family farm from dawn to dusk and then came inside to do all the cooking and cleaning for a husband and five sons, but still found time to put together a stylish outfit for important occasions like this. I wrote about Mom’s love of beautiful things in a tribute.
Statue of Anne and her daughter Mary- Photo taken in the St. Anne church in Jerusalem. I have discovered that there is much to learn about Mary’s mother Anne if one looks at other sources that it was decided shouldn’t make it into the Biblical canon.
Me on a school visit to see my students from the year before with my younger son- 1986I was pregnant when I was teaching these students the year before and so they were delighted to meet my baby and you can see that my son and I were pretty delighted too.
Sculpture Linda by Elizabeth Wyn Wood showing a mother during the Great Depression- Photo taken at the Winnipeg Art Gallery during the Defying Tradition Exhibit in 2018I have reflected before why this sculpture is one of my favourites and perfect for our current time.
My sister and me with our Mom at my sister’s wedding. I have some pretty terrific siblings as I wrote about for siblings day.
A Vietnamese mother sending her son off to war. Photo taken in the Vietnam Military History Museum in Hanoi. I am glad times have changed in Vietnam for mothers and their children.
My Mom far right with her Mom and siblings. My aunt has a collection of wonderful photos of my Mom’s family growing up on the prairies in the 1930s and 40s.
Mothers in the Park by Francisco Zuniga – 1986- Photo taken at the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya in Merida Mexico

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  1. MaryLou, I loved seeing these pictures. Some of them I had to stare at for a while. Question….the 2nd last picture, is that Miss Schmidt 2nd from the left?


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