You constantly hear his breath going in and out. 

Breathe stars Andrew Garfield and Diana Foy

My friend Gwen recommended the Netflix movie Breathe to me.  It is the touching true story of Robin Cavendish who contracted polio in the 1950s while living and working in Africa. He and his wife Diana are determined that despite his paralysis he is going to have a quality of life. How they go about doing that provides a lively and inspiring story of love and courage.  

The Cavendish family maintains a wide circle of friends

Not only does the couple manage to carve out a rich and full existence for themselves they help many others along the way.  The film is especially meaningful because it was made by Diana and Robin’s son Jonathan who is a successful British movie producer.  

Diana and Robin raise money to provide wheelchairs for many other polio victims

Jonathan said in interviews that he hadn’t really realized till he was making the movie how his parents’ example had brought about significant changes for people who were physically challenged, especially those suffering from the lingering effects of polio. 

Breathe is a particularly fitting movie for our current situation when a contagious airborne disease is impacting the lives of so many just as polio did.

One thing I found interesting is that throughout most of the movie there is this background noise of Robin’s ventilator breathing in and out for him. I could still hear it in my head even after the movie was over. It is a vivid reminder to the viewer that every breath we take is precious. 

Robin and Diana’s options and choices were severely limited because of Robin’s polio but they made the most of life anyway. They made Robin’s every breath count.  During a time when our options have been limited by COVID-19, we would do well to follow their family’s example. 

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