My Favorite Necklace

Having coffee on the deck of my niece Hannah’s house on the shores of Lake Erie in September 2014

About a year ago one of my favourite necklaces broke. I hadn’t realized till then how it had become my ‘go to’ necklace.

Breakfast before a guided tour in Split Croatia in October 2019

Getting ready to enjoy a deep-dish pizza at the home of our friends Kelly and Aaron in Chicago in November of 2011

With my daughter-in-law Alisa on the boardwalk in Point Pelee National Park in Ontario in August 2017

A farewell luncheon arranged by some of our students before we left Hong Kong in July 2011

At Thanksgiving supper with my niece Grace in October 2012 in Cottam Ontario

During the time the necklace languished in my jewellery box broken and unusable I couldn’t believe how often I reached for it thinking it would fit perfectly with whatever outfit I happened to be wearing.

A walk on Hecla Island in September 2020

With my friend Sue in January 2014 strolling on the beach in Sarasota Florida

I knew I had bought the necklace at a women’s clothing store in Hong Kong but how long ago? I decided to go through my photos and see when I had first started wearing the necklace. 

Visiting with my former high school student Jovie in March 2011 in Toronto

With Aphrodite at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City in July 2015

It was only when I saw how many photos I had with that necklace that I realized it had perhaps become one of the most central pieces of jewellery in my fashion wardrobe. I recently took it to a jewellery repair shop and had it fixed and I am so glad to have it back. 

Reading a chapter from my novel at a literary night my husband organized in October 2019

Visiting my Aunt Mary in Hesston Kansas in March 2017

Holding hands with Thomas Edison in Fort Meyers Florida in February 2014 

Celebrating our fall birthdays on my friend Glenys’ deck in Steinbach with my friend Esther September 2020

With a photo of Churchill, Roosevelt and Lenin at the Livadia Palace in Yalta Ukraine in June 2011

Visiting a daycare centre in Runaway Bay Jamaica in January 2014

Posing with the painting Orient IV by Bridget Riley at the Museu Coleção Berardo in Lisbon Portugal in January 2018

The photo evidence would seem to indicate that I’ve had this necklace for at least a decade.  I have made many good memories in wonderful places and with wonderful people while wearing the necklace. It was a bit expensive to fix, but definitely worth the cost. I am ready to visit new places and make new memories in my favourite necklace.

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