Images of Love

In honour of Valentine’s Day I decided to look for images from past pages of this blog that were associated with the word love.

I married the love of my life in 1973.

I love these three friends who have provided me with so much affirmation and support over the years.

This water-colour of a recently married couple was featured on the thank you cards they sent out to guests for the wedding gifts they had received. Dave and I attended their wedding in Toronto.

I photographed this sign at a Winnipeg Earth Day celebration where we were encouraged to show our love of creation by protecting it and caring for it.

I love my sister and brothers. They have added so much care and concern and FUN to my life.

I loved being a teacher for over 35 years. Here I am on the rooftop of the school I taught at in Hong Kong with a group of students who were in my advisory. I mentored them throughout their high school years.

I absolutely loved this film about a woman who loves giraffes, scientist Anne Dagg. She did groundbreaking research on giraffes in the 1950s but because she was a woman her work wasn’t recognized by the academic world. Recognition finally came when she was in her 80s and that made it possible for her to go back to Africa to visit her beloved giraffes.

I loved the way my niece Olivia who is a professional chef expressed her love for her family by preparing the rehearsal dinner meal for her cousins’ wedding many years ago. I loved the amazing food she prepared!

My mother LOVED her grandchildren. She told me once being a grandmother was the best thing in her life. She said she LOVED the way each of her grandchildren was so unique and special. Mom died in 2013 but the love she had for her family lives on. I have the joy of knowing what she meant about a grandmother’s love with my own four grandchildren.

A child made this and gave it to me after I had led her class on a tour of the Winnipeg Art Gallery and had done an art workshop with them.

I photographed this declaration of love on a building in Austin Texas. I was there to watch our son perform in the South by Southwest music festival.

The birth of my first child brought a kind of love into my life that was different from anything I had ever experienced before. Now I marvel as I watch my sons parenting their own children and the way they love them and care for them.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Love is all around.

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