It’s Big!!

My husband Dave gave me a Christmas present I wasn’t expecting. It certainly is big, almost too big in my estimation. But I want to be gracious because my husband had good intentions.

Before Christmas Dave contacted our friends Dave and Lois Penner who own and operate Print Studio One in Steinbach and asked them to make a large canvas version of the cover of my upcoming novel Lost on the Prairie.

The resulting wall art piece is large that’s for certain. Dave thought we should hang it in our living room but I wasn’t very comfortable with that. Instead we’ve placed it on the wall of our second bedroom which I am in the process of turning into a study for myself.

Hopefully I will be able to visit book clubs and schools and churches via zoom to talk about my book and it will be nice to have my cover hanging on the wall as a background for these conversations.

My husband’s Christmas gifts have often been quite unorthodox. One year he branded a herd of cows he’d bought with my initials as my gift.

This gift was thoughtful and supportive and affirming of my writing talents but………… is pretty BIG!

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4 responses to “It’s Big!!

  1. Wendy Whalen

    At least he’s creative. All some poor women get are blenders or vacuums.


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