Nature’s Artwork

There’s a patch on the Seine River where we often walk that is under a bridge so the ice isn’t snow covered and you can look way down to see beneath it. There are all these really cool patterns and designs that have been created as the river froze.

Sometimes nature makes the most intriguing artwork.

I am reminded of these foam patterns created by waves on a black sand beach where we went for a walk in Vik, Iceland.

I was intrigued by the rainbow bubbles that the foam left on the rocks.

The roots of a tree in Lisbon Portugal created an artwork that human hands would have been hard-pressed to fashion

Look at this beautiful print. It is as if a spray of seaweed had left its mark on this beach in Costa Rica.

See how nature has bent this tree to form a perfect arch in Sedona Arizona?

Or how a shell has left a lasting imprint on this rock on the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail in Portugal’s Algarve region

I love the way the leaves of this tree in Zion National Park in Utah create a shadowy design on the ground.

Notice how the bright colours of this plant pushing its way through the rocks at The Arches site in Newfoundland contrast with the tones of the rocks around it.

In much the same way this mushroom I photographed in Croatia provides a burst of colour to the sombre tones of the leaves around it.

Check out the way little insects crawling just beneath the surface of the sand on a beach in Tamarindo in Costa Rica created intricate artwork.

Nature has shaped this rotting tree trunk to look like an iguana on the Virgin Trail in Utah

And circling back to Winnipeg what artist could have handcrafted the beauty of these icicles hanging from the rooftop of the Royal Albert Hotel near my home?

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