An Illustration For My Novel

With my cousin Carol

My cousin Carol is an artist. She is well known at Manitoba craft sales for her beautiful painted boxes, bookmarks, cards, and light switch plates. I asked her if she would like to try drawing some illustrations depicting scenes from my upcoming novel Lost on the Prairie. She agreed.

Illustration by Carol Schroeder

This is her first illustration. It shows my hero Peter in the boxcar of the train taking him to his new home in Saskatchewan. Carol has drawn Prince and Gypsy the two horses traveling with Peter. I love the way she’s included one of the gophers Peter befriends.

The character of Peter in my book was inspired by my own grandfather Peter Schmidt. He is also Carol’s grandfather. Our grandfather died when Carol and I were seven.

Carol’s illustrations won’t be in the book but I will use them in the educational resources I provide to go along with Lost on the Prairie. I am sure they will inspire young readers to try making their own illustrations for the novel. 

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