Walking on The Seine

We have been going for some lovely walks on the Seine River following its winding course for kilometre after kilometre. Apparently the river’s name comes from a Cree word Tchimâhâgânisipi which describes a certain kind of fishing net.

You can make your way down onto the river from plenty of different spots. The ice is thick and safe almost everywhere and lots of people are enjoying the river walk. We see runners and dog walkers, bikers, and snowshoers. We pass cross country skiers and skaters. There are parents of young children pushing strollers and pulling sleds.

Neighbours have created toboggan slides that coast down hills and out onto the river.

Families have set up all kinds of unique visiting spots on their yards that back onto the river like this little protected enclosure rimmed with pines. A perfect place for a fire, a beverage of choice, and some conversation.

Many folks have built skating rinks on the river.

Running along one section of the Seine is a beautifully groomed skating trail that must extend for over a kilometre.

People on the river are in a friendly mood and say hello and comment on the weather. One man engaged us in conversation by beginning with, “Can you believe we are in Winnipeg in January?” We discovered we were both snowbirds who for years had traveled to warmer climes during our province’s colder months. Enjoying such a marvelous day in the great outdoors in Winnipeg had us both wondering why we had fled south in years past.

Lots of families are usually out walking on the river and it is fun to listen to bits and pieces of their conversation. I heard one little boy ask, “are we going to walk along this river till it empties into the ocean Mom?”

We see artwork too.

Ice sculptures

and lots of Where’s Waldo markers almost as if they’ve been put at various spots along the river as part of treasure hunt of some sort.

Someone on a mission has made a special sign for dog owners who take their pets for walks on the river.

One day we made a short detour going up the steep bank and onto the St. Boniface Golf Course so we could trek down its fairways that run along the river. On one we saw a sign that was just a little scary.

It seems like by now we must have walked almost the entire twisted and meandering Winnipeg section of the river, accessing it in different spots each time. Walking on the Seine is great and something we’ve never done before. This article calls the Seine River ‘Winnipeg’s Hidden Gem’ and I’d have to agree.

I am constantly amazed at how the pandemic is providing an opportunity for us to explore our city in all kinds of new ways.

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