Politics Is Tough

Dave and I just finished watching Borgen a three-season political drama set in Denmark. It is great viewing. During the series you follow the career of politician Birgitte Nyborg who becomes the Danish Prime Minister .

One point Borgen certainly drove home for me is how incredibly difficult it is for politicians to achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives.

Over the three seasons of Borgen, Birgitte Nyborg the Danish prime minister is busy negotiating peace agreements between warring African countries, trying to push through important environmental and social service legislation, staving off political enemies, visiting soldiers in Afghanistan, preparing for important speeches in Parliament and presiding over cabinet meetings.

Birgitte Nyborg the new Danish Prime Minister meets the press with her family

At the same time she must deal with a husband who feels neglected and threatened because of her powerful political position, a son who has a hard time adjusting to his mother’s hectic schedule, a daughter with serious mental health issues, a meddling father, her own health concerns and trying to sustain meaningful friendships. It isn’t easy.

Maintaining a work life and personal life balance is difficult in many professions but seems particularly challenging in politics and particularly difficult for women.

Seeing how Brigitte Nyborg handles all the crisis in her personal and political life in Borgen is realistic and engaging. It is one of many reasons I’d recommend this excellent Netflix series.

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  1. Barbara Walker

    I’m a political junkie and so enjoyed this series. I’m fascinated by the various political systems and the various approaches leaders take.


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