There’s A Bicycle in Our Shower

Yes, we have a bicycle in our shower and it’s been there for about six weeks now. When my husband Dave decided the snow cover on Winnipeg streets was going to be more or less permanent till spring he figured it was time to clean up his bike and store it for the winter. Having ridden his bike longer than any other year through lots of slushy conditions it was a real dirty mess. So……… he backed the bike into the shower in our second bathroom, took off his clothes and hopped in to do the cleanup job.

And……… there the bike has stayed ever since. It was a bit of a feat to get it into the shower and Dave figures there is no point in removing it till spring. Our second bathroom is for visitors and overnight guests and we haven’t had any of those since March and probably won’t have any for many more months yet, certainly not before it’s warm enough to ride a bicycle again.

Normally we store Dave’s bike in one of our bedrooms but actually, it is more convenient to have it in the shower leaving us more space in the bedroom.

There are many strange things about COVID times and having a bicycle in our shower is just one of them.

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