Pandemic Pastimes


She Persisted Puzzle

I just finished this puzzle and I LOVED doing it. Titled Nevertheless She Persisted the puzzle has portraits of women who have made a difference in our world in the last 150 years. There are scientists like Marie Curie, authors like Maya Angelou, legal experts like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and athletic stars like Billie Jean King. The puzzle is also peppered with quotes from the women. I think my favourite comes from Eleanor Roosevelt. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” The persistent women depicted in the puzzle brought about incredibly important changes in so many areas of modern life.


I am almost finished Just Like You by Nick Hornby. It’s light entertaining fiction about an inter-racial romance between an older woman and a younger man. The story is set in England during the time of the Brexit vote and the strong conflicting feelings of both sides are thoughtfully explored as are racial biases we all have but often find hard to admit. Next book up is Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi.


My writers’ group had our annual Christmas party via Zoom on Thursday. We dressed festively, had food and wine on hand and began with a good chat catching up on one another’s lives.

We took turns reading Christmas pieces of writing and ended with some heartfelt expressions of appreciation for our group and the support we all receive from each other not only at Christmas but throughout the year.

Parcel Preparation

I prepared a big box of presents to send off to our children and grandchildren in Saskatoon this week. They always come to Winnipeg for Christmas but of course this year they can’t. Here at our house, I have stockings that were made for each family member and they are hung at the beginning of December.  Santa places their gifts in them during our family Christmas celebration. This year instead I wrapped each person’s gift items and then taped a photo of their stocking onto their gift.

Daily Walks

One of the trails we followed this week was in Henteleff Park.

We walked through a sea of golden grasses.

We looked for birds for Dave to photograph.

We discovered a tipi made of sticks.

We came upon an old tree nursery.


I am working on a new novel called 60s Girl. This past week I wrote a sermon which I will present via Zoom to the Mitchell Community Fellowship congregation on Sunday. I am compiling the December newsletter for my upcoming novel Lost on the Prairie and of course, I write these blogs each day.

December during a pandemic is very different than any previous December in my life. But there are still routines and pleasures and projects to fill my time and give meaning to my days.

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