Chocolate Is Essential

I needed some little chocolate treats for stocking stuffers and thought I might go into the Shoppers Drug Mart near my home to pick them up. I had been there about ten days before to mail a package at their Canada Post kiosk and knew many shelves in the store were now covered with yellow warning tape because those items weren’t considered essential by the government and therefore could no longer be sold.

I wondered if the non-essential items included chocolate. I wasn’t going to walk to the store on icy sidewalks or take the risk of going inside unless I was sure I could actually buy chocolate there. So I phoned the store information line to find out.

“Do you still sell Christmas candy and chocolate?” I inquired. “Absolutely!” the customer service representative assured me. “Chocolate is ESSENTIAL food!” she said.  Then she laughed. “Especially at Christmas!” And I thought I could add “And especially during a pandemic.”

Pears drizzled with chocolate we enjoyed on a food tour in Toronto

With my friends taking a course about chocolate called Chocogasm in McNally Robinson Booksellers community classroom

Chocolate and churros I photographed in Madrid

With Beatriz a fellow grandmother and teacher who gave us a tour of her family chocolate factory in Merida Mexico

We watched this woman and her daughter making chocolate in Bali

Chocolate has seen me through many trying times in my life. When I was still teaching chocolate was essential to completing all my report cards. Chocolate has been essential in pulling me out of many a funky mood. It’s sustained me during prolonged periods of writer’s block. It’s been an essential and perfect end to many a meal.

And chocolate is once again helping me get through our current trying times. I baked a chocolate mahogany chiffon cake last Sunday. I got the recipe from friends who dropped off two pieces one night for us to enjoy during our zoom call with them. Although my cake didn’t look as good as theirs it tasted great! We shared it with our son and his wife when we left supper on their porch for them on Sunday and they gave it a very positive review.

The COVID-19 pandemic is helping us to think about what is essential and what is not. In my books, chocolate is definitely ESSENTIAL!



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4 responses to “Chocolate Is Essential

  1. When you ask me what my favorite flavor is I always say chocolate. Since I was a child, it was my go-to whether I was happy, sad or hurting. That is probably why I was always overweight. Still am actually but not from chocolate because I have controlled that, eating it only once or twice a month and only one piece. Actually it is usually sugar free (pre diabetic) but I do splurge for the grandkids birthdays. Would love to take a class…maybe when this whole pandemic is over….great post!

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  2. Barbara

    Chocolate is definitely essential, in my opinion! There’s a store in Banff where one can watch outside through the big storefront windows the makings of chocolates and fudges and toffees. In Strasbourg, France we watched how Black Forest Cake is made. What a delight to be able to sample it as well. But the best for me is having a piece of chocolate with my morning coffee! Then of course, there’s cheese and eating cheese in Amsterdam and Switzerland … but that’s a whole other story about essentials!


    • Chocolate for breakfast sounds like a fabulous idea! I have not been to Strasbourg but have always wanted to go after my son spent a summer there with his future wife’s grandparents studying French. It is on my bucket list so I will have to remember the Black Forest Cake. I have not been to Amsterdam but when we did a cycling trip in Austria, Switzerland and Germany I took photos of the cheese sections at our breakfast buffets. The variety and quantity was a thing to behold! Thanks so much for reading my blog Barbara and taking time for conversation. It is what I like best about writing the blog.


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