The Post Election Priorities of American Christians

The Institute on Religion and Public Life published an article this week by Kenneth Craycraft who claims that the newly elected Biden/Harris administration will implement policies in direct conflict with Christian morality. 

And what are those policies that will offend Christian morals? 

Abortion and gender identity. The Biden administration will protect a woman’s right to control her own body and make it easier for women to have abortions and obtain contraception. Biden will also enforce Obama era policies that require schools and workplaces to respect someone’s gender choice and to offer gender-neutral washrooms and locker rooms.  

Biden’s plans in these areas,  according to Craycraft, should be morally repugnant to Christians. Biden will infringe on Christian freedoms by forcing Christian employers to provide for abortion and contraception in their medical plans.  The rights of Christian schools and workplaces will be violated if they are forced to comply with Biden’s gender-neutral mandates. 

Jesus had nothing to say about either abortion or gender identity but for some reason, these are issues that Craycraft suggests American Christians take very seriously as their new president comes to power. 

Might I suggest that instead, Christians like Craycraft evaluate Biden on the policies he will initiate that address things Jesus did talk about?  Things like affordable health care, poverty reduction and increased immigration? Unlike abortion and gender identity, which are topics about which Jesus was silent, Jesus had a whole lot to say about healing the sick, caring for the poor and welcoming the stranger. 

As I’ve said so many times before in my blog posts, research makes clear stricter abortion laws don’t reduce abortion numbers although there are many other political initiatives that do.  And I simply don’t understand why gender-neutral washrooms should bother anyone.  We all have them in our homes. 

If Craycraft wants to find reprehensible things for American Christians to examine he might turn his attention to the lines that stretch as far as the eye can see at food banks across America while the profits of billionaires in the country soar. Now that’s truly morally repugnant. By comparison, laws that will be ineffective at reducing abortions and worrying about washrooms that won’t hurt anyone seem petty concerns at best. 

I realize however that there are millions of American Christians who agree with Craycraft’s concerns and priorities. It leaves me puzzled and incredulous. How do I begin to understand such a mindset in those who share my faith? 

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