Lessons From Birds

But ask the animals and they will teach you or the birds in the sky and they will tell you. Job 12:7

Flamingos photographed near Merida Mexico

Spend time with your flock and enjoy their company.

Storks on a church photographed in Faro, Portugal

Put effort love and care into creating your home

A pine grosbeak photographed on Bunn’s Creek Trail Winnipeg

Adapt to the seasons.

A peacock photographed in Sienna Italy

Don’t be afraid to display what’s beautiful about you

Rock ptarmigan photographed in Selfoss Iceland

Stop for a moment and take a break when you need to

A crested pigeon photographed in the Blue Mountains of Australia

If you want to move on you will have to let go of that branch you are clinging to

Swan photographed on Lake Konstanz in Germany

Spread your wings

Rooster photographed on a farmyard in Fiji

Let your voice be heard

 Owl photographed at the Dubrava Falconry Rehabilitation Centre just outside of Sibenik, Croatia.

It is wise to be observant and prepared for anything

Morning flight of pelicans photographed at Isle De Capitan in Costa Rica

Enjoy the journey and try to land gracefully.

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Note: Most of the photos in this post were taken by my husband Dave. 


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