Soaking Up the Last Days of Warm Weather

This week we have been trying to drink in and enjoy what could be the last fleeting days of warm weather here in Manitoba.

On Tuesday we spent several hours on a lovely long bike ride down the Bunn’s Creek Trail, along the Peguis Trail and up Kildonan Drive with our friends Rudy and Naomi and yesterday we drove out to Pine Point in the Whiteshell to hike to a couple of waterfalls along a scenic trail.

Our friends Bruno and Caroline had planned the hike and we were happy to be invited along.

It was wonderful to wander through the forest and listen for bird sounds,

to scale rocks and check out scenic lookouts,

to observe the beauty of rivers and waterfalls and lakes

and to be able to visit with friends in a safe and socially distanced manner as we walked and explored.

Although weather forecasters had promised us warmth and brightness we didn’t see the sun once and it was chilly. But I thought the dark day had a distinct beauty all its own.

I liked the way the trees were reflected in the water and the way the ice and snow on the edges of the Whiteshell River reminded us that winter is on the way. I noted the way the hardy grasses still stuck their heads up through the snow.

At Pine Point Falls the white water contrasted starkly with the black water and dark rocks.

Even the bare birches and scruffy pines had a spare beauty all their own.

We ended our adventure with a warm fire and a wiener roast. We’d had such a good time that I didn’t even mind the fact that my jacket and hat and gloves left a rather smoky smell in our condo. It was a reminder of our nice day outdoors.

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