The Magic Geranium

When I was a little girl one of my favourite stories was The Magic Geranium by Jane Thayer. It came from a book called Read -Aloud Funny Stories that was published in 1958. A few years ago I was thrilled to find the book at a used book sale.

Mrs Wistful at the beginning of the story- illustration by Crosby Newell

The Magic Geranium story is about a woman named Mrs Wistful who lives in a rather shabby home. One day a friend gives her a geranium plant and tells her its magic. Mrs Wistful is skeptical.

But…….. as she looks at the beautiful geranium, the table where it is sitting seems drab so she decides to paint it. Then the chairs look shabby so she paints them too. This leads to her painting the whole room, including the ceiling and then washing the windows and sewing new curtains and finally cooking a nice dinner for her family, dressing up and serving it to them on her best china.

Her husband after complimenting her on the great meal asks what has brought about so many changes. Mrs Wistful replies it was the magic geranium.

Mrs. Wistful at the end of the story- Illustration by Crosby Newell

I’m not exactly sure why The Magic Geranium story appealed to me so much as a child but I think it has a great theme.  

When we need to see a major change in some aspect of our personal lives or in society if we start with one small change it can inspire many subsequent changes until we have created a transformation. 

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