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One of the first things the marketing team for my publishing house asked me to do was submit a professional photo that could be used on the cover of my book Lost on the Prairie when it comes out in spring.  My photo would also be featured on my author page on the publishing house website.

I was talking about the request I’d received for a professional photo with some folks I volunteer with at a local thrift shop. Heather Lewis the shop’s assistant manager said she had just opened a photo studio near my home and would be happy to take my photos. Heather had operated a photo studio in Toronto and was looking for new clients in Winnipeg. 

So on a bright sunny day, we met at her studio.  We took different sets of photos. One was more serious and dressy, and the other more colourful and casual. One set was in the studio and the other was in a nearby park. 

I did a bit of reading about author photos and learned that they can be a factor in whether someone decides to read or buy your book. A few tips I found were……..

a) You should look happy in your photo but not hysterically so

b) It should be a headshot or show only your upper torso

c) Your face should be more important than the background

d) The shot should be in colour

e) You shouldn’t be holding your book in the photo

f) You should consider the target audience for your book

It was hard to choose which of the photos Heather took would be best to use so I sent some different ones to my publisher and will let them select what they think is best. 

I am hoping people will buy my book because they are drawn to the story and its possibilities and not because they like my photo but I do want to work hard to build a relationship with my readers and if having my photo on the book cover will help with that then I’m happy to provide one. 

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  1. John Neufeld

    all nice photos. You ca n’t go wrong


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