A Golfer’s Prayer

Perhaps I should have done this post in April at the beginning of the golfing season to give perspective to the months ahead on the links. But I actually wrote the golfer’s prayer below nearly twenty years ago not at the beginning, but at the end of a golf season. The women in the league I was part of at the Steinbach Fly-In Golf Course were playing their final round of the year together and then having their wind-up dinner. They asked me to pray before we ate.

Of course, I realize that this year there may not be wind-up dinners to end the golf season because of physical distancing limits, so I’m posting this now more as a way for golfers out there to reflect on the golf season coming to an end, to think about what is really important about the game of golf, and perhaps to make adjustments to their perspective on the game before they take it up again next spring.

Dear God,

We are grateful for the chance we had today to play the game of golf.  

We are thankful for the exercise it provided for our bodies, for the sense of companionship we experienced with other golfers, and for the opportunity we had to enjoy the beauty of creation.

Open our minds and hearts to the lessons this game can teach us about life….. that we shouldn’t give up after a few bad holes because things will probably get better if we just keep trying….  that we need to be flexible, if the nine iron won’t do the trick, maybe the pitching wedge will…..  that the lowest handicaps aren’t necessarily earned by the players with the latest fashions in golfing attire or the most expensive set of clubs, but by those who work hard at their game with patience and persistence. 

Bless each person here whether she ended up a winner or loser when the scorecards were handed in today, for if we enjoyed the game we played together we really were all winners. We ask now for your blessing on this food.


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