My Novel’s Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a thirty-second description that tries to hook someone’s interest. It provides a quick overview of a product, event, or person. An author uses an elevator pitch to interest editors and publishers in their book. The term ‘elevator pitch’  gets its name from the fact that a good pitch shouldn’t last longer than an elevator ride.  

As many of you know I have signed a contract to have my novel Lost on the Prairie published in the spring of 2021. Many people have asked me what my novel is about. Here are a couple of the elevator pitches I’ve used to try to sell my book to editors.

Hopefully, these elevator pitches will give you a pretty good idea of what my novel is about and will get you interested in reading it.

Pitch #1

Twelve-year-old Peter is immigrating to Saskatchewan from Kansas in 1907. He is travelling in a boxcar with his family’s horses. Peter’s car becomes uncoupled from the rest of the train on the Lake Traverse First Nation in South Dakota, leaving Peter lost and alone on the prairie. His quest to reunite with his family is filled with excitement and danger. In Lost on the Prairie Peter grows ever more resourceful, courageous, and self-reliant. His action-packed coming of age story gives a personal face to the wave of young immigrants who came seeking homes in western Canada at the turn of the century. Pitch #2

It is 1907 and twelve- year old Peter is on the adventure of a lifetime.  He will tangle with a copperhead snake, survive a Ferris wheel accident, almost drown, escape quicksand in a haunted forest, rescue livestock from a barn fire, meet the famous author Mark Twain and get trapped in Winnipeg’s Immigration Hall. Peter experiences all these things after the boxcar he is riding in uncouples from the rest of the train leaving him alone on the prairie. Will Peter ever be able to rejoin his brothers and his parents?  Lost on the Prairie is a fast-paced historical novel for middle graders, but it also tells a contemporary and timely story about an immigrant child suddenly separated from his family. 

Hope that twigs your interest and whets your appetite for my book. 

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3 responses to “My Novel’s Elevator Pitch

  1. gabriele goldstone

    It’s a great story and I love your pictures!


  2. Diana Tokarchuk

    I would read it!


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