Ten Ways We Can Try To Be Like Jesus During the Pandemic

Appreciate nature- Jesus talked a lot about what we can learn from flowers and birds and seeds

Listen to others- Jesus took the time to talk with many different people with many different life experiences

Drink wine- Jesus turned water into wine for the guests at a wedding

Spend time outdoors – Jesus did most of his teaching and living outside on hillsides and by the seashore

Create – Jesus painted vivid pictures with the stories he created  to help people remember things

Make time for friendship- Jesus had a group of friends he hung out with regularly

Carve out opportunities to just sit and think, read or rest- Jesus would go out on the lake, or into gardens, or even into the desert to think about stuff and take a break

Care for the vulnerable- Jesus took time for kids. He provided healing and hope for people with mental and physical challenges. 

Be open to new ways of doing things- Jesus loved to challenge the old ways of doing things

Believe miracles can happen- Jesus helped people make miracles happen in their lives

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