Junk Drawer

Did your parents have a junk drawer? My Mom did. She had a pretty organized kitchen but she always designated one drawer as the junk drawer. It held a wild variety of things that just didn’t seem to belong anywhere else. You might find pieces of string there, lost screws, old stubby pencils, rubber bands, a measuring tape, odd bits of notepaper, thumbtacks, bandaids, yarn, a screwdriver, marbles, wire, erasers, extra birthday candles, plastic cutlery, flashlight batteries, puzzle pieces- you name it and it might just be in Mom’s junk drawer. 

Junk Drawer- photo source

She must have cleaned her junk drawer out occasionally otherwise it would eventually have overflowed with stuff.  I remember how one of her grandsons LOVED my Mom’s junk drawer.  He was a creative guy who liked to make things and whenever he came to visit his Grandma her junk drawer always had new items he could cobble together in imaginative ways. 

If you do a search for junk drawer online you are bound to find any number of blog posts and magazine articles about how to organize your junk drawer.  I think that’s crazy.  Organizing a junk drawer defeats its purpose. 

I read about a psychologist who said she could learn a lot about people by looking at their junk drawers.  I don’t have a junk drawer at all.  I wonder what that says about me?  

Did your Mom or Dad have a junk drawer? Do you? 

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3 responses to “Junk Drawer

  1. I grew up with a junk drawer in our kitchen. And I’ve always had one in mine, until this house. LOL. I don’t have room in my kitchen to designate a drawer, so I created a junk ‘box’ in our laundry room. Once in a while I organize it to clean it out, but it never stays tidy.


  2. Growing up, we had one just like the one you described, MaryLou. With 6 kids running amuck, the junk drawer was full of interesting cast-offs my mother found around the house, and a treasure trove we kids liked to dig into when we couldn’t find what we wanted elsewhere.

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