Our Wedding- A Different Perspective

We got married forty-seven years ago August 17, 1973. When I helped my Dad move this past January I found some pictures of our wedding that were new to me. I had a scrapbook where I had put all the posed shots from the photographer but these candids were slides and not photos. If I knew of their existence at one time  I had totally forgotten about them.  I had the slides scanned into photos and they portrayed our wedding from a little different perspective than all the formal poses.

My sister Kaaren helps me put on my veil in the bedroom we shared in my parents home on Henry Street in Steinbach. The wedding musicians are rehearsing. My friend Lynette is the soloist, my cousin Al plays the guitar and my brother Ken plays the flute.  My Mom’s good friend Esther plays the organ. Slipping on my garter belt. Check out the funky 1973 calendar on the wall behind me and the kerosene lamp and candle in a wine bottle adorning the desk.  I have put some sort of cleansing masque on my face. The shelves on my desk are made with boards and logs and the suitcase for our one night honeymoon at the NorthStar Hotel in Winnipeg is packed behind me. Here we are setting up the tables in my parents’ backyard for the reception.  I recognize my Aunt Vi and Dave’s cousin John as two of the people helping us get things ready.  Here I am with my two closest high school friends Debbie and Shirley Joy. My sister walking down the aisle of the church during the rehearsal.  Don’t you love her bell-bottom pants?

My cousin Carol sits at the guest book. Carol is an artist and she designed our wedding invitations and the guest book pages. Guests mingling on the back patio at my parents’ home. Dave making a speech to thank everyone for coming and thank all the people who helped to make our wedding day special. My sister with her boyfriend Ken.  They got married a few years later. We are off on our honeymoon.  It was only one night long because we both had to be back at work on Monday. I also found this slide in my Dad’s collection. It shows my sister and mother and me at our parents’ 25th wedding anniversary celebration in 1977.  All three of us are wearing our wedding dresses. 

We have made lots of memories since that day 47 years ago.  Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to make many more. 

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