Prayer- A Kick in the Pants

The Angelus by Jean-François Millet- 1957-1959

Prayer is often a ‘kick in the pants’ for me.   Praying about something can spur me into action.  

Praying for a family member who is struggling with health issues prompts me to think about what I have done to support that person.  Have I called to see how they are feeling? Have I brought them a meal? Have I sent them a card?  

The Prayer of the Spinner by Gerard Dou – 1650

If I am praying about a change I’d like to see in my professional or personal life my prayers often ‘egg me on’  forcing me to consider what concrete actions I have taken or not taken to move that agenda forward.  

If I am praying about a social issue that concerns me, my prayers can raise good questions.  Have I written a blog post, a newspaper column or a letter to the editor about that issue? Have I talked to others about my opinions?  Have I done the research to look for possible solutions?  Have I tried to find political candidates who share my concern?  

Sometimes for me, prayer is a ‘kick in the pants’ or a call to action. 

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