What Is It?

I am a volunteer at the Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Store on Selkirk Avenue. The first thing I do when I arrive on a weekday morning is tackle the pile of Christmas related items that have come in since I volunteered last. Often that takes all my time, but this week I only needed to pack up and price one box of holiday items and then I switched to sorting and pricing things for the housewares department. It wasn’t long before I came across this item. What in the world was it?

It was in the shape of a fish so it must have something to do with preparing and cooking fish. But what? Why did it open and close? Why did it have those holes?

I showed it to all of my fellow volunteers and no one had a clue. So here it is. Does anyone out there know what in the world this fancy fish is for?

Looking forward to your answers.

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2 responses to “What Is It?

  1. Joanne

    Looks like a little pair of scissors

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  2. gabriele goldstone

    Jello mold?

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