A Different Kind of July

One of the valuable things about keeping a blog is that it allows you to look back and see what you were doing other years at the same time.  This July is definitely unique so I thought I’d go back and look at some things I was doing during the other Julys in the decade I’ve kept this blog. 

People sitting and listening to authors read their work

Last July I was reading some of my writing at a Prosetry event organized by our friends Jan and Mitch at their Jessica Lake cottage.  They invited people to come and listen to writers and musicians share their work lakeside.  Due to COVID, the event was not held this year. 

In July of 2018, I was working at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in the Winnipeg Art Gallery activity tent for children.  The Fringe Festival was not held this year due to the pandemic.

In July of 2017, I had dinner with my good friend Meena, who was a teaching colleague of mine in Hong Kong. Meena and her husband Anil make an annual summer visit to Winnipeg, to see their children who live here.  We always get together when Meena and Anil are in Winnipeg.  This year COVID meant they couldn’t travel and had to stay in Hong Kong.

Marching in the Pride Parade in Steinbach. Photo credit- Grant Burr

In July of 2016, I participated in the first annual Pride Parade in my hometown of Steinbach. So far the event this year has been postponed until the fall when organizers will reassess the risk involved due to COVID 19. 

Doing the limbo on the golf course with my nephews in Leamington Ontario

In July of 2015, I was participating in a fun family golf tournament in Leamington, Ontario. Now the Leamington area where my husband’s family lives has one of the worst concentrations of COVID-19 in Canada.  We would be ill-advised to be traveling there. 

We were part of a quartet that sang at the wedding of good friends in Minneapolis in July 2014.  Of course, now we wouldn’t be allowed to cross the border into the United States because the border has been closed due to pandemic fears. In 2013 we reunited with friends from Hong Kong at a wedding celebration in Denver Colorado.  We visited with the couple whose wedding we celebrated that day just this past February on our way to Arizona. Of course, border closings now make such trips impossible. In July of 2012, our younger son got married. Such a large gathering of family and friends some of whom traveled from other provinces would not have been possible in 2020. In 2011 our older son and his friend in Saskatoon introduced us to the sport of Frisbee Golf.  We haven’t seen our son and his family in Saskatoon since Christmas and have no idea when we will be able to see them again.

This July is very different than the Julys of the recent past.  Of course, we are having good times this July too but COVID-19 has certainly changed things. 

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