Ten Good News Stories

A photo I took in Dehli

A Facebook group in India called CareMongers has assisted 16,000 people during the pandemic by providing them with important information, connections to essential services and concrete help. (source)

Dave and I took advantage of the free transit in Tempe Arizona this past winter 

Free transit services are taking off in cities around the world. They increase transit use by 50-85%. This may be a good way to encourage people to use public transportation again once the pandemic is over.  (source)

Jacinda Arden the prime minister of New Zealand is being praised for her leadership during the current pandemic

More women are in Parliaments around the world than ever before. (source)

These micro homes located on a churchyard in Cambridge England provide overnight shelter to the homeless. (source)

Creative solutions to homelessness are being launched across the globe.  In Australia, they are providing mobile shower and laundry service for homeless people and….. chronic homelessness is actually declining in many American states. (source)

A photo I took of a dragonfly at the Winnipeg Folk Festival

Endangered species protections are now being extended to insects as well.  Although insects may annoy us they play a vital role in the cycle of life on earth. (source)

Volunteers in Detroit make masks for hospital workers Photo by Rebecca Cook/Reuters

 Millions of people have volunteered to help during the pandemic. (source)

Female inmates taking classes- photo from Wikipedia

More and more prisons are offering high school and college course opportunities. Prisoners in these programs are much less likely to return to jail and at one New York prison, 85% of graduates from their college program find jobs shortly after leaving prison.  (source)

Doing a beach clean up in Hong Kong with my high school students

New projects are constantly being launched and innovative ideas being tested to clean refuse out of the ocean. (source)

Photo by Harrison Haines on Pexels.com

A program called 8 Can’t Wait which offers eight reforms to the way police handle violent situations has reduced deaths during interactions with officers by 72% in some cities.  (source)

Alicia Dibble, Amber Barron and Ashlea Patterson, science and engineering students at the University of Utah who helped develop a new sanitary pad

A 100% biodegradable sanitary pad has been developed by a team at the University of Utah.  Sanitary pads go to landfills where they can take centuries to decompose. (source)

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