Two Lessons From Mom

This morning I will give a short talk via Zoom to the members of a church where I have spoken on several occasions in the past. Since it is Mother’s Day I thought I would share two lessons I learned from my mother that are helping me during the current pandemic.

Mom with three of her grandchildren. She provided so much hands-on support and unconditional love as her grandchildren were growing up. 

My Mom was a person who reached out to help others in a myriad of ways. She was a dedicated volunteer in her church and community, a loyal friend, and a mother and grandmother with a listening ear. She was ready to provide hands-on support whenever we needed it.

Mom was a caring presence in the life of extended family members and someone who always had a warm greeting for the people she met. My Mom’s life was not always easy. She faced many challenges but I remember her as someone who was almost always positive and cheerful.

During our current pandemic situation Mom’s example of reaching out to others and trying to remain positive inspire me to do the same.

At a family Christmas gathering, Mom plays the piano and my grandmother sings

Mom also managed to find time to use and enjoy her creative gifts. She was a fabulous pianist and one of my childhood memories is of Mom sitting at the piano on Sunday afternoons playing all kinds of classical and popular music mostly from memory.

There were times in her life when the workload she carried was huge but she still made time for her music. She used her musical gifts in all kinds of ways. When Mom was dying she imagined the linens on her hospital bed as a kind of keyboard. She’d determine a spot for middle C and then her fingers would fly across the blankets playing her favourite pieces. 

During our current pandemic situation, Mom’s example of finding the time to be creative inspires me to continue to nurture my inner spirit by fostering my creativity in whatever way I can. 

My mother died in 2013 and wonderful as it would be to bend her listening ear right now I am thankful she is not here to experience the pandemic.  

Mom may not be physically present but she continues to inspire me to meet the challenges of the pandemic with a helpful hand and heart and a caring and creative spirit. 

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